Conference 2010: final program announcement

Dear conference participants,

We worked on the final program for the IAPMS 2010 conference. Reflecting the registration and balancing the panelists’ numbers and themes, we moved around the panelist so that there are significant changes in the panels. This is as close as what will happen on the conference days. If you have any question about the program or anything else concerning the conference, feel free to email us. We look forward to seeing you all in Hong Kong.


Organizing Committee
IAPMS 2010 in Hong Kong

Conference program: program_final
List of panels and presentations: panel_final

Update (may 11, 2010): We updated the final program and panels reflecting recent add/drops. You can find them here the links below:

Conference program: program_final 0511
List of panels and presentations: panel_final 0521

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