2007 Asia Song Festival (Seoul, Sep 22 2007)

by homey81

On September 22 at Sangam World Cup stadium in Seoul, there was an international music festival called “2007 Asia Song Festival.” It is the fourth time since 2003 and, about the details, please click http://ectl.net/eng/index.asp.

I missed the festival this time but was there in 2006 with Ubonrat and Angel, who had a chance to visit Busan. But isn’t it strange that the “international” festival had only been held in Seoul and will be so. What is this “South Korea-centered” pop Asianism? Or is it too trivial to discuss seriously? How do we, academic people, estimate the words they say: “feel up Asian energy”?

Zhang Huimei (Taiwan)

Zhao Wei (China)

Peterpan (Indonesia)

Kuraki Mai (Japan)


Golf & Mike (Thailand)


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