how to make money in the chinese music market

by sonicscape

Here is an interesting overview of “music in china” from the perspective an informant to the transnational ‘majors’ about “how-to-make-money-in-the-chinese-music-market” . The british music businessman living in Beijing provides a overview of the music business in china. Well, it might not be a totally new story — music piracy, especially, state-run-piracy et cetera, et cetera… actuall it’s a total mess! And the perspective itself is not totally fresh — and sometimes looks hopelessly hopeful — for example, about the prospect of “english” music. But it might be informative, especially in terms of how mobile music is unfold. It seems that in china the history of music business starts from mobile. No significant history of records, CDs, mp3s, but… mobile music rocks in China as in Japan and Korea! Is it an East-Asian thing, seriously?

The blog of the author is also worth visiting.

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