Chinese & Malaysian postrock

by plateaux

greetings, sorry for my long hibernation and belated congratulations for the launching of this blog.

my name is pil ho kim. for those who don’t know me, i’m a student of south korean origin currently residing in the u.s. please visit my website for more about me.

today i’m just going to share some postrock, which seems to be all the rage in east asia nowadays. you might already know very well about the japanese band mono. also there are some korean bands some other folks can fill in.

here i’m giving you links to a bunch of mainland chinese bands and a malaysian band that i gleaned from — where else? — the internet.

chinese postrock (hou yao) compilation by neocha

among those bands, wang wen seems to stand out. here are their recordings.

hailing from hangzhou, a band called monkey power — youtube video.

and finally, a malaysian band with a cute name, citizens of ice cream released an ep.

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