Riding a Melodic Tide: Development of Cantopop in HK

by angel_lin  hi all! i just came back from the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, where Anthony organized the Opening Ceremony for a series of activities (exhibtions, talks, seminars) on the history and development of Cantopop in Hong Kong.  I attach some pics here: Anthony with Allan Tam: a HK Cantopop icon :). And then we chatted with Poon Wai-Yuen, a lyricist who wrote the lyrics of many good songs for Anita Mui in the 90s (the Catopop diva who passed away a few years ago)…  i had written a paper on his lyrics (and presented in Hyunjun’s conference in Yonsei 2 years ago), but didn’t have chance to meet the lyricist until today… 🙂 the touching moment is when Sam Hui’s son, Ryan Hui, sang Sam Hui’s early Cantopop song with Sam Hui’s guitar… that’s a touching moment for those who grew up with Cantopop…  Sam Hui almost started Cantopop as an indigenous music form for HK… http://www.heritagemuseum.gov.hk/english/exhibition.htm mcyan-x-ypfringe_

anthony_allan-tam-development-of-cantopop-in-hk_opening-ceremony_ anthony_angel_lyricist-poon-wai-yuen-hk-heritage-museum_

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