Two books about popular music written in Japanese

by homey81

Two books about popular music written in Japanese.
One is Popular Music and Capitalism by Mouri Yoshitaka and the other is Youth wearing music: The pleasure of putting on and taking off by Koizumi Kyoko. Below are the English translation of the contents of the book.

Popular Music and Capitalism


I. Popular Music and Capitalism
1. The introduction of Marxist Critical Theory
2. The critique of popular music by Adorno
3. The age of rebellion, the age of rock music
4. The critique from popular music studies toward Adornean pessimism

II. The End of the Age of Rock and the Industrialization of Popular Music
1. Popular music under industrialization
2. Japanese popular music in the 1970s
3. Transformation of music industry
4. Fordist mode of production and the year 1968 as its end
5. Post-fordist production system

III. The Tactics of Pop
1. Art into pop
2. Andy Warhol and Velvet Underground
3. The emergence of punk and techno and the end of the end of rock
4. KLF and the consumption of capitalism
5. The tactics of pop in Japanese popular music

IV. Race, Music and Capitalism
1. Race and popular music
2. The category called “the black”
3. Traveling (moving) music, transformed (transcultured) music
4. Black music under double exploitation
5. Against the double exploitation
6. Capitalism and race

V. Political Economy around J-pop
1. Is music really under crisis?
2. The growth of music industry in “bubble economy”
3. The increase of millionsellers and “family-restaurant-ization” of music
4. “Shibuyakei Sound” in the period of the formation (emergence) of J-pop
5. Neo-liberalist and “freeter” period in the 1990s
6. The other side of J-pop and after

VI. Musica Practica
1. Musical Pratica
2. DJ culture and DiY culture
3. Musical Practices in digital age
4. Musical Practices in Fukuoka : music, city, tenshin
5. What is popular music? (reprise)

Youth wearing music: The pleasure of putting on and taking off



Chapter 1 Genealogy of task of Popular Music Studies
1. Crossing the bridge between the inside and outside of school
2. Education and popular music
3. Subcultural studies and popular music
4. Popular music as cultural capital
5. Popular music and gender

Chapter 2 Formal Space
1. Triparted space, intersecting each other
2. Highschool boys in classsroom
3. Highschool girls in classroom
4. Triparted level system of popular music
5. ‘Tactics’ and ‘operation’
6. Brass Band circle

Chapter 3 Semi-formal Space
1. Male members in folksong circle
2. Female members in folksong circle
3. Highschool band events

Chapter 4 Informal Space
1. Male highschool boys who are occupied with “listening”
2. Visual J-rock bands and “cosplay” highschool girls
3. Boys’ band
4. Girls’ band

Chapter 5 Youth wearing on music

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