the latest English journal-issue on Taiwanese popular music

by vidieho


HELLO everyone,

Long time no see.

Attached picture is the cover of latest journal Fountain issue on Taiwanese popualr music. This Journal is semi-offical , which means a ‘speaker’ for ‘Green’ governments, from former president Lee Dung-hwai to current Chen Shui-ban .

I helped as a consultant before its execution, as the chief brain is an American named David Frazier, who is free-lanced music writer for various journals and newspapers, (including Wire) who knows more about indie msuic scene but little about Taiwan’s music hisotry.

Basically he uses my PhD Dissertation as grounded reference. Although the journal does not show a criticial viewpoint, it nevertheless, would provide you good information about postwar Taiwanese popular music hisotry.

I do not know if you can get this copy in your country, please let me know if some would need a copy of it





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