News from the Netherlands: Yiufai’s CD and STEIM

by homey81

Although it has already been more than one month since I began to stay in the Netherlands, nothing interesting happened. So I post what happened one month ago.

On 23 January, I visited Yiufai’s beautiful 3 storey house in Amsterdam where a part was held. There I had good dinner whuch Yiufai cooked. Please see the picture of Yiufai and Jerone, when they distibute the dishes.


I could also see Yiufai’s CD, not the one he has bought and owns, but the one titled his name. It is “CD book” which contains 18 songs and written lyrics penned by him. The title of the CD is “Eighteen Changes” (as far as I know). You can buy it online at


On the next day, 24 January, there was an experimental music concert at STEIM, which is, in their words, Center for research & development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts. Laboratory, workshop, international meeting place, artist hotel, production office, live electroacoustic music, DJ’s, VJ’s, theater and installation makers, video artists and nomad studio. []


There my friend Byungjun, who now studies in Royal Music Academy in Hague but used be one of the leading figure in Korean underground indie-electronica-experimental music scene. You can hear some music samples about his recent works at For those who are interested Korean indie music in the late 1990s and the early 2000s. Please watch the video by Pipi Longstocking produced in 1997.


Hope you enjoy…

HJ (a.k.a. Homey)

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