Resource: Thai music website


I was informed of this interesting website, called “Montakplengthai”, about thai popular music (actually, it was a while ago, but I could (did) not open the email somehow. This website (blog), run by Peter Doolan, has a great collection of thai pop old and new, and very well maintained with good quality sound clips. You should check out and I think even some thai colleagues here might appreciate.

Here are some words from the blogger:

enchanting songs of thailand
collection of great music by thai people; ลูกทุ่ง (luk thung), ลูกกรุง (luk krung), หมอลำ (molam), various folk styles & others. most of these are taken from tapes that i found either in thailand or at home, in america. quality should be pretty good (unless stated otherwise). transliteration done using the royal thai general system of transcription. any feedback is appreciated!

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