Korean indie sensation: Jang Gi-ha and Faces

by homey81


Jang Gi-ha and Faces (장기하와 얼굴들) is the most sensational among Korean pop music in 2008. Not beacuse of catch tune and dancible rhythm with good looks and powerful choreography, but becasue of heart-touching lyrics to young generation and retro-turned-into-fresh rock sound with the attitude of social looser. The music style reminds me of college rock, exactly ‘campus group sound’ in local vernacular (Korean version of New Wave?) such as Sanulim (stand for ‘Mountain Echo’) and Songolmae (stands for ‘Falcon’). If the voice of generation is different in different places,  please leave your comments after enjoying some video clips: Cheap Coffee (live), Let’s Go, the Moon is rising fully

(Joon / Sjon)

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