IAPMS Conference 2010: Panels Announced

Update: Panel timetable and schedule sheets were updated (Feb. 19, 2010, 20:00 Seoul). If you have submitted a proposal, but didn’t received an announcement email or if your name is not listed in the schedule, please let us know at asianpopstudies@gmail.com.

Dear Authors/ Panelists / Chairs

First, we are sorry for the delay. We needed some more time for the discussion.

Thanks for submitting paper/ panels to IAPMS 2010. Please be reminded that the conference will be hosted by School of Journalism and Communication, the Chinese University of Hong Kong on June 22-23, 2010.

Congratulation. Your paper/ panel is accepted for presentation. Surprisingly, we have over 50 submissions and all of them are good and interesting. In the first conference, we accepted all the papers submitted, and in our coming conference, we would like to keep the same good tradition (except for scholars submitting for more than one paper) so that we can make our conference a chance for meeting researchers in Asia music/pop.

However, as our interasia popular music group, which has been an informal network, is getting larger and larger, it might not be possible that in future (in our next conference) we can accommodate all papers/ panels. And because of the pool of members is getting larger, we might also need to set up a more formal structure and organization. All these will be discussed formally and informally in/before the conference in June 2010. Your suggestions are most welcome.

The accepted panels (with date/time/venue) are all listed in the two files attached. Please notice that all the conference will be all held in the three rooms of the same building (NAH208, NAH415, NAH315C in Humanities Building at New Asia College) of the School. For direction, please go to our official website. Please keep in mind the campus of the faculty is located at the top of hill (for somebody, it looks ‘mountain’, so that it is impossible to get there by walk. Please use shuttle bus and pay attention to the time table (Please doublecheck the webpage: https://interasiapop.org/?p=247)

For the effective organization of the conference, we decided that only the papers by those who submit the registration form on due time will be listed on the final program (see the last attached file). If you cannot make on time or pull out your participation, please tell us until 31 March, which is the deadline of registration, which is already announced. So please keep in mind the program schedule in the attached file is only tentative and subject to change.

If you need a letter of invitation, please do contact Hyunjoon Shin / Jung-yup Lee (asianpopstudies@gmail.com) or to local host Anthony Fung In case you discover that you are not able to come, please contact Hyunjoon / Jung-yup too. For the panels and other enquries, please do contact Anthony Fung (anthonyfung@cuhk.edu.hk).

Best Regards,
Organizing Committee

Panels list [xls]
Tentative schedule [doc]
Registration form [doc]

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