Conference 2010: Hotel information

Dear Participants,

Welcome you again to join our conference. It is time to handle the logistics.

In this email, I want to tell you more about the accommodation arrangement. For those who will go to Crossroads at Lingnan University (at Tuen Mun, the western side of the New Territorities), you can choose to remain in your hotel/hostel that you have already booked. But keep in mind that it takes at least 1 and 1/2 hour to travel to Chinese University (at Shatin, the eastern side of the New Territorities).

For those want to live nearby Chinese University, there are a few choices for you:

1.      Hyatt Regency Shatin Hotel (which is exactly located at the University MTR (subway) station and it is our University’s teaching hotel). This is the closest but expensive (five star). The cheapest price for a night is over HK$1,000 (US$1=HK$7.8).

2.      Royal Park Hotel (which is right on the top of the Shatin MTR station). Only two stations from the University (10 minutes traveling time). The price is around HK$700-800.

3.      Regal Riverside Hotel (which is close to the Shatin MTR station, separated by a river). 15 minutes by walking from the Shatin MTR station (just walking across the bridge) (or 10 minutes by bus). The price is around HK$400-600.

There are only three hotels in the Shatin area. Another option is that you can live in a hotel along the East Rail (Light blue line) and you can travel to the University MTR station within 30 minutes. Along the East Rail, there are two hotels:

1.       Royal Plaza Hotel at Mongkok East MTR station. 5 stops from the University MTR. Price is a little bit more than Royal Park Hotel.

2.      Harbor Plaza Metropolis at Hunghom MTR station. 6 stops from the University. Price is more expensive than Royal Plaza Hotel.

You can directly go to the website of these hotels. All of them have their own website for booking. Or you can go to the following discount booking sites:


Please notice that the Lingnan conference is located in the West Rail of the MTR which is quite far away from the East Rail. If possible, do the moving immediately after the Crossroads conference.

Please also keep in mind that when you arrive at the University MTR station, you have to take the school bus to the Humanities Building of the New Asia College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (the mountain top of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the last stop of the bus) where the conference will be held. The bus runs every 15 minutes and it takes another 15 minutes to get up to the top. In the morning, the waiting time may be longer because there are many people queuing up.

Please also notice that there is NO campus housing and hostel.

Local Organizer

Anthony Fung

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