Hello all~

The venue for the 2012 IAPMS Conference in Taipei is the “Inservice and School of Continuing Education Building” at National Taiwan Normal University. The university is known by the locals as “Shida.”

Address: No. 162, Sec. 1, Heping E. Rd., Da-an Dist., Taipei City 10610, Taiwan

The university is located on the library side of the main campus in downtown Taipei. Please check out the NTNU Area Map below. There are two convenient metro (MRT) stops: Taipower Building Station and Guting Station. They are both on the Red Line. Each stop is about a 7-minute walk from the NTNU campus. The elevator exit for Taipower Building Station is Exit 5. The elevator exit for Guting Station is Exit 1.


The map below is a close-up view of the main campus, library side. The 2012 IAPMS Conference Venue is the building on the upper left corner.  The library is on the lower left corner. You can enter the university from anywhere along Heping E. Rd.


Below is the 2012 Taipei MRT (Metro) Map. Elevator Exit for Taipower Building Station: Exit 5. Elevator exit for Guting Station: Exit 1.


Questions? Send your inquiries to! We’ll help you find the place.

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