Understanding Popular Music (An edited volume in Korean)


A textbook style edited volume about popular music studies was published some months ago. Edited by Chnagnam Kim (Sungkonghoe University), published by Hanul Academy. Only in Korean. Below is the table of contents which has been translated into English by myself.  Please keep in mind that the Romanization of Korean names can be different.

Table of contents

01 Studying Popular Music – Changnam Kim

Part I; The production and reception of popular music

02 Popular music and industry – Jungyup Lee

03 Popular Music and technology – Byung-O Kim

04 Popular music and audience – Dongyeon Lee

Part II Popular Music and Society, Main Issues

05 Poplar music and geography, space and place – Hyunjoon Shin

06 Popular music and generation – Woojin Cha

07 Popular music and politics – Mingap Seojeong

08 Popular music and woman – Jisun Choi

Part III Popular Music Genres and Histories

09 The Beginning of Korean popular music: trot and new folk song – Junhee Lee

10 The formation and change of Korean-styled pop: Standard pop and ballad – Youngmee Lee

11 A Chronology of Korean folk and rock – Aekyung Park

12 ‘Black music’ in South Korea: Soul and hip-hop – Jaeyoung Yang

13 Music to watch, music of body – Eujeong Zhang


01 대중음악 공부하기_김창남

제1부 대중음악의 생산과 수용
02 대중음악과 산업_이정엽
03 대중음악과 테크놀로지: 축음기에서 MP3까지_김병오
04 대중음악과 수용자_이동연

제2부 대중음악과 사회, 주요 논점들
05 대중음악과 지리, 공간, 장소_신현준
06 대중음악과 세대_차우진
07 대중음악과 정치_서정민갑
08 대중음악과 여성_최지선

제3부 대중음악의 주요 장르와 역사
09 한국 대중음악의 출발: 트로트와 신민요_이준희
10 한국식 팝의 형성과 변화: 스탠더드 팝과 발라드_이영미
11 한국 포크와 록의 연대기_박애경
12 한국의 흑인음악: 소울, 그리고 힙합_양재영
13 보는 음악, 몸의 음악: 댄스음악_장유정



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