Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society 2005 Seoul Conference (1 panel and pre-conference) (Seoul, July 22~24 2005)

by Homey81

Translocal and A-national Politics in Asian Pop Music

Date: July 21, 2-6pm

Place: MediAct Conference Room, 5th Floor, at Ilmin Museum of Art

Host: Institute for East Asian Studies at Sungkonghoe University

Sponsor: The Korean Culture & Arts Foundation


K-Pop: From Americanization to Asianization

Shin Hyunjoon ( Sungkonghoe University, Seoul , Korea)

Nationalism in Japanese Hip Hop

Ogura Toshimaru ( Toyama University, Toyama , Japan)

The Emerging (National) Popular Music Culture in China

Anthony Fung (Chinese University of Hong Kong , Hong Kong)


The Practice of an Independent Label and the Localizing Aglo-American Practices: The Case of Crystal Records

Ho Tunghung (Fo-Guang College, Ilan, Taiwan)

Problematizing the Popular: The Dynamics between Pinoy Pop Music and Popular Protest Music

Teresita G. Maceda (University of the Philippines , Quezon City, Philippines )


Mainstreaming Asian Pop: Thai youth and K-pop consumption

Ubonrat Siriyuvasak (Chulalogkorn University, Bangkok , Thailand)

Shin Hyunjoon (Sungkonghoe University, Seoul , Korea)

The Construction and Circulation of the Social Imaginary of Ideal Femininity in Pop Music and Movies: The Trans-border Appeal of Chelsia Chan (Jin Chu-ha) in the 1970s

Angel Lin ( City University of Hong Kong , Hong Kong)

5:00-5:50 Overall Discussion

More pictures are at

2005. 7. 21 ~ 22 Inter-Asia Cultural Studies conference

Ubonrat, Anthony, Tunghung, Ogura and Jung-yup, didn’t we look much younger than now? I hope you also remember that we also had fun watching music show after the conference.

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