Sangnam Forum International Conference (Seoul, June 22 2005)

by Homey81


 Sangnam Forum International Conference

History and Present of Popular Music in Asia

June 22, 2005

Sangnam Institute of Management, Rosewood Room(2nd Floor)

Center for Management of Arts and Culture, Yonsei Business Research Institute

Organizers: Shin Dongyub(Yonsei University ), Han Joon(Yonsei University ),

Shin Hyunjoon(Sungkonghoe University )

Program / Contents
Register (9:20-9:50 )

Keynote Address (9:50 :-10:00 )

OH Se-Jo(Director, Yonsei Business Research Institute, Yonsei University , Seoul, Korea) – Opening Speech

HOSOKAWA Shuhei(International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan ) – Keynote Speech “History and Present of Popular Music in East Asia”

Session 1: Popular Music and Music Industry in Early to Mid 20th Century Japan and Korea( 10:00-11:50)

ZHANG Eu-Jeong (Seoul National University , Seoul, Korea) – ” The Quest for Lost Songs : The Formation and Development of Korean Popular Music in the First Half of t he 20th century ”

YAMAUCHI Fumitaka(The Academy of Korean Studies) – ” Japanese and Korean Historiography on Recording Industry in Early 20th Century ”

HOSOKAWA Shuhei(International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan) – ” Rock and National Language: The Japanese Case”

Lunch (11:50-12:40 )

Mini Concert (12:40-13:10 )

Session 2: Rock Music by Asians and Asian-americans(13:10-15:00 )

HO Tung-Hung (Fo Guang College, Ilan, Taiwan) – “The Creation of the Anglophone M usic Scene : F rom the 1950s to the mid-1970s”

SHIN Hyun-Joon ( Sungkonghoe University , Seoul, Korea) – “The Rise and Fall of Korean Rock, 1964~1975: Americanization and Glocalization of Group Sound Rock Music”

Eric CARUNCHO(Music Critic, Quezon City , The Philippines) – “From Genesis to Revelations: : A mythic Journey Through Pinoy Rock & Roll ”

KIM Pil-Ho ( University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, USA) – “Little Chang Big City: Asians in American Independent Rock”

Coffee Break(15:00-15:10 )

Session 3: Asian Pop?: Americanization, Anti-americanization and Beyond (15:10-17:00 )

Lamnao EAMSA -ARD (Rajabhat Pibulsongkram University , Phisanulok , Thailand ) – ” ‘Song for Life’: From Protest Music to Pop Rock”

KIM Hyu ng-Chan (Popular Music Scholar) – “The R eception of American Modern Folk M usic in Korea: From ” Folk” to “T ong-Gita Music””

Angel LIN (練美兒)(C ity University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong) – “Images of Gender and Gender Relations in Hong Kong Canton Pop Songs: Analysis of Lyrics of Seven Top Stars in the 1980s-1990s( 香港 粵語流行曲的兩性形象和兩性關係: 七位流行歌手的歌詞分析)”

Session 4: Roundtable: The Task and Future of Asian Pop and Music Industry (17:00-17:50 )

All Participants

Reception (18:00-19:30)

* Discussants, moderators, and facilitators other than presenters : Fang-Chih Yang(National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan), MC Yan(Musician, Hong Kong), KIM Dong-Hun(Yonsei University), KIM Eun-Mi(Yonsei University), KIM Jin-Wu(Yonsei University), KIM Chang-Nam( Sungkonghoe University ), PARK Ae-Kyung(Yonsei University), SHIN Dong-Yub(Yonsei University), LEE Kee-Hyeung(Kyunghee University), CHANG Jin-Ho(Yonsei University), HAN Dong-Huhn(Representative of Ales Music, Seoul), HAN Joon(Yonsei University)

For more pictures, click the picture below

2005. 06. 22 Sangnam Forum

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