Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society 2007 Shanghai Conference (Shanghai, June 15~17 2007)

by Homey81

Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society 2007 Shanghai Conference
Conditions of Knowledge and Cultural Productions

June 16-17, 2007 (Friday to Sunday)
June 15, 2007, Pre-Conference for graduate students
Venue: Shanghai University, Shanghai, China

16. Title: Cultural industries and Cultural policy in inter-Asian context
Organizer and moderator: Anthony Fung (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Oranizer:Anthony Fung (Chinese University of Hong Kong )

Panelists:Anthony Fung (Chinese University of Hong Kong )
Nationalism and Cultural Industries: the Case of Music industries in China
Tung-hung Ho (Fu-jen University ) & Kai-tung Zheng (Tamkang University )
Cultural Policy in Limbo: The rhetoric of “Cultural Creative Industry” and its impact on cultural industries in Taiwan
Jung-yup Lee (Massachusetts University )
When Development Meets Culture: The “Cultural Turn”in Cultural Policy in Korea
Discussant: Sunyoung Yoo (Korea Press Foundation)

18. Title:Rock cultures in East and Southeast Asia at the 21th century

Organizer:Hyun-joon Shin (Sungkonghoe University )

Moderator:Tung-hung Ho (何東洪,Fu-jen University )

Viriya Sawangchot (Watanasala Center for Cultural Studies )
Chat Rak Rock : the Question on“Thainess” in Thai Rock Culture
Miao-ju Jian (簡妙如,Chungcheng University )
Into the Fuji Rock Festival Scene: Through the Gaze of Fans from Taiwan
Hyun-joon Shin (Sungkonghoe University )
Rock Cultures in Korea: From local Generational Politics to Regional Cultural Economy?

24. Title:The Cute, the Snazzy, and the Dexterous:Popular Arts and Youth Cultural Practices in East Asia

Organizer:Eva Tsai (Taiwan Normal University )


Kyoko Koizumi (Aichi University )
Visual J-Rock and Cosplay Subculture
Changeun Cho (Myung Ji University )
To Work As a Creative Worker In Hongik University Area, Formerly Subculture Space In Seoul
Larissa Hjorth (RMIT University )
Playing at Being Mobile Gaming, Cute Culture and Mobile Devices in South Korea
Eva Tsai (Taiwan Normal University )
Fringes and Interstices: Stationery Commodities and Youth Culture in East Asia

Discussant:Jo C. H. Chen (Taiwan Normal University)

15. Title:Border-crossing Cultural Flows in Cold War and Post-Cold War East Asia

Organizer: Jee-soon Hong (The New School University)

Moderator: Jaeho Kang (The New School University)


Jee-soon Hong (The New School University)
Jackie Chan and Golden Harvest in Cold War Asia
Pei-Yin Lin (National University of Singapore )
A Tale of Two Cities: Li Hanxiang, King Hu, and Taiwanese Film Industry in the 1960s and early 1970s
Yiu Fai Chow (University of Amsterdam )
Shoot the Dragon: A Lyrical Engagement with Chineseness
Motoko Yabuki (Osaka University)
J-pop in Chinese Speaking World

Here are some photos:

2007. 06. 14 ~ 2007. 06. 18 Shanghai

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