IASPM 14th Biennial Conference (Mexico City, June 25~29 2007)

by Homey81


IASPM 14th Biennial Conference

Univerdad Iberoamericana, ciudad de mexico
Junio 25-29, 2007

Here are the list of the presentations related to popular music in Asia and/or by our members.  Let me know if there is anyone missing. (I apologize in advance in that case!)

Transformation of music industry in digital age: The case of South Korea
Jung-yup Lee (University of Massachusetts Amherst).
Hyunjoon Shin (Sungkonghoe University).

Emerging Mobile Subjectivities in the Age of Portable Digital Music in the City
Yoshitaka Mouri (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music).

The American Pop Music’s Invasion on South Korea
Donghyup Ryu (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA).

A View from America: Japanese Popular Music Performing Japaneseness
Chris Tonelli (University of California, San Diego).

Canto-Pop: The Connotations of Its Cover Versions Over The Past Three Decades
Ivy Man (University of Hong Kong).

Ring My Bell: Cell Phones and the Japanese Music Market
Noriko Manabe (CUNY Graduate Center).

What happened to “Asians” when Asian-American indie rock met Asian indie rock
Hyunjoon Shin (Sungkonghoe University, Institute for East Asian Studies).

Click here to see the complete program.

Also, here for some of the photos taken from the conference:


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