Korean Rock Band in the 1960~70s loved by Hong Kong Eletronica Act i the 2000s

by Homey81

A couple of weeks ago, two bands from Hong Kong and Singapore visited Korea. They played during the “Seoul Fringe Festival.” I and Jung-yup had interview with the members of Snoblind (from Hong Kong) and the Observatory (from Singapore) on 16 August. To be short, I was just happy to know that there have been independent music scenes acroos Asia. About what we talked about, I hope we can share it later. Before then, just please enjoy some pictures. If you click the picture below, you can see more.

2006. 08. 16 Snoblind and Observatory

After some days,  Vincent, a member of Sonoblind, sent a reply that he liked the music by He 6: a Korean rock band (a.k.a. “group sound”) in the late 1960s and the early 1970s. To be honest, they were not so highly regarde by younger rock fans, because they were not “aritst” in true (or onventional) sense. They often “covered” Anglo-American hit pop songs. Besides that, they, along with many rock bands in the 1960s and 1970s were forgotten from the public. So I was happy that their music was loved by young musicians outside Korea. It is not because “Korean” music is well received by “foreigners,” but because musicians and music fans in different parts of Asia can share the same legacy.  I hope our group can have meeting in which we can talk about the legacy of popular music in different parts of Asia.

Korean “Group Sound”: He 6 (and He 5)


They say that DJ Shadow used the recordings by He 6 for his”sampling” works, but I don’t know about the fact exactly.

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