Cultural Typhoon 2006 (Shimokitazawa, June 30~July 2 2006)

by Homey81

Cultural Typhoon 2006 (Shimokitazawa, June 30~July 2 2006)

Cultural Typhoon     

Panel Title: Transforming Music in the age of Digitalization and Gobalization

The panel looks at the current situation of popular music industry in Japan and Korea, which is facing rapid transformation of systems of production, distribution and consumption due to digitalization and globalization. While this new situation requires music industry to reconstruct itself on the one hand, it also offers new creative networks which travel beyond existing national/local boundaries on the other. Through the comparative study of music industry and music itself in Japan and Korea, the panel hopes to prropose a new way of understanding of trans-cultural music today.

Moderator: Yoshitaka Mouri (Tokyo University of Fine Art and Music)


Hyunhoon Shin (Sungkonghoe University)

Min-ah Kwon (Tokyo University)

増渕 敏之 (Tokyo University)


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