2007 International Conference on Inter-Asian Culture, Communication, Conflict, and Peace (Hong Kong, May 4~5 2007)

by Homey81



A2: Articulating Voices
Chair: Dr. Hyunjoon Shin

Local T.V: Look Others and Know Others, We Need Places for Our Voice
Dr. Phattar Burarak

Reclaiming Malaysia: Mainstream Cinema, Institutionalised Racism and
the Challenge of the Indies
Mr. Zaharom Nain, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Resistance or Submission? Herstory on Violence against Women in Thailand
Ms. Chanattee Tinnam, Chulalongkorn University

Left of the Dial: Reflections of a Malaysian Underground Musician-Academic
Mr. Azmyl Yusof, Taylor’s University College Malaysia

A3: Cultural Representations and Consumptions
Chair: Ms. Wang Lay Kim

Reading the Eye as a Haunting and a Desirable Organ
Mr. Nicolas Wong, University of Hong Kong

The Politics of Consumption of Single Career Women in their 20s and 30s with Advanced Degrees
Ms. Mo Hyun-joo, Yonsei University

Dance Music on the Beach: The Study of Subculture Travelers and Orientalism Desire
Mr. Viriya Sawangchot, Watanasala Centre for Cultural Studies

B1: Social Relationships and Cultural Imaginations across borders
Chair: Dr. Francis Lee / Guest Commentator: Prof. Ubonrat Siriyuvasak

Crossing borders: Vietnamese women and Chinese Men at the Vietnam-China borderlands
Dr. Chan Yuk Wah, City University of Hong Kong

“Home is(not) Where We Sing For”: Karaoke and Democratic Voice of Burmese Migrant Worker
Dr. Siriporn Somboonburana, Walailak University

The Invention of post/Cold war ‘Region’in South Korea
Dr. Yerim Kim, Sungkonghoe University

B3: Special panel on Canto-pop in Hong Kong
Chair: Dr. Angel Lin
Exploring the Origins of “Hip Hop Rap” and “Non-Hip Hop Rap” in Hong Kong,
Miss Li Wai-chung, Chinese University of Hong Kong

After The Fall: Mapping Hong Kong Cantopop in the Global Era”
Prof. Stephen Yiu-wai Chu, Hong Kong Baptist University

Canto-pop and Limitations on Creativity (tentative title)
Dr. Sean Tierney, Chinese University of Hong Kong

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