Reggae, Ska & Mor Lum

by viriya

“Ska Variety” by OK Mocca released in the early of 2009 and then immediately got into a hit song among Thai youngsters. This song was written by OK Mocca’s bassist, Thanawut Hirunkan, who also mentioned in the lyrics “What kind of the song we are playing now? Is it Ska or Reggae?”. In the seminar book “The Rastafarians” Leo E. Barrett(1988) urges that Reggae and Ska haven’t distinctive music of their own. They are mixed music which combined Jazz, R& B, Rock ’n’ Roll and a traditional style of Jamaica folk.  No one knew exactly why the developed in that way. In youtube linked below, it’s  a live version of “Ska Variety “performed by OK Mocca at Hit & Tist # 1 music festival, March 7-8th, 2009, Mea Rim beach, Rayong province, Thailand, they mixed this song with Mor Lum ( 30 seconds of intro and  6.00-6.10), a traditional style of northeast Thai folksong, not only music but also performance style( female dancers). Their rhythms still Ska but have been gradually absorbed into local one, that’s Mor Lum you can dance with.

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