Mnet Ultimate Live in Thailand

K-pop popularity in Thailand seems still so high. On the 13th Nov, 2010, there was a concert “Mnet Ultimate Live in Thailand” which was held in Impact Arena, one of the biggest concert hall in the country. However, the organizer claimed that it is the first K-pop concert festival in Thailand but actually it consists of only 4 bands in the same/Brother Company, JYPE and Cube Entertainment. Anyway, two of them are in the top level of industries both in South Korea and internationally, Wonder Girls and 2PM and the other two that also has many fans here, Beast and 4 minutes. That cause about 10, 000 fans both Thai and from Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam or even Korea gathered in this concert. And the language barrier is not a problem for their fans to sing along with their favorite artists.

2PM I Can\’t Mnet Ultimate Live in Thailand

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